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Now, your donation can go further to support vital areas of need.

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This year marks our 25th anniversary.

As we celebrate our past, it’s time to look forward and re-envision the future. What does Royal Roads like in the next 25 years and beyond? Our Future Forward alumni appeal is built to help inspire growth and innovation, create extraordinary leaders and transform lives. You can help us get there!

$25 makes a difference you can count on.

To celebrate our milestone year, we’re inviting you to make a gift of $25 or more to support three vital areas of growth in our next 25 years. With over 25,000 alumni, just imagine what a gift of $25 could do.

Supporting what matters to you.

We’re focusing on three vital areas identified by our alumni: student awards and financial support, community research opportunities and the resources and infrastructure that enhance the student learning experience.

Student Success

Help them focus on school, not bills.

By providing financial aid supporting academic excellence or student need, you are helping a student with their tuition, rent, groceries or educational equipment. Gifts in this area encourage students to keep going even when it gets tough, and as you know, it can be tough!

Your generosity can acknowledge academic excellence or help a student in need. Either way, it really helps.

Did you know?

  • 4 gifts of $25 provide a week’s worth of groceries
  • 10 gifts of $250 recognize a hardworking student with a financial award

"Thank you for encouraging me, challenging me and believing in me. It means a lot to have your support."

- McLean Foundation Award For Environmental Studies recipient, Environmental Management program

Real-Time Research

Help make change in the world.

With your donations, we're able to support research that is dialled-in to issues like sustainability, climate action and building resilient communities. Our researchers study how to mitigate climate change and pandemics, understand the needs of young adults with cancer, explore Canada’s low-carbon transition, or examine the online spread of science and research-related misinformation.

Your gift makes you part of this important, life-changing global work.

Did you know?

  • 10 gifts of $2,500 supports the salary of a student researcher working on solutions to a wicked problem

“Your generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal and has inspired me to help others by giving back to the community. Thank you for creating this opportunity. I will use it to the best of my ability and make you proud.”

- Marriott Integrated Learning Grant recipient, Tourism Management program

Campus Infrastructure

Help build RRU’s future.

Whether you attended classes in person or online, you know this power of this place. You can keep the online library cutting edge and update student accommodations, invest in our gardens, grounds and heritage or provide lab technology and equipment.

Your gifts to campus infrastructure will create new ways to bring people and ideas together.

Did you know?

  • 5 gifts of $25 add an apple tree to our heritage garden and that tree feeds our local foodbank.
  • Recently, alumni gifts of all sizes have supported projects like the Terry Power Outdoor Classroom and the new environmental labs in the Sherman Jen Building. What would you like to make happen on campus?

“Thank you for putting your faith in me. I have big dreams about building more inclusive communities for all people, but I couldn’t do it without you.”

- Shirley Case Memorial Bursary recipient, Human Security and Peacekeeping program

Double your donation!

Thanks to our President’s Matching Alumni Gift Fund, alumni gifts of any size will trigger a matching gift, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000.

Want to triple your donation?

Many Canadian corporations have a long history of philanthropy and will match their employee’s fundraising efforts and donations. By making use of the corporate gift matching program offered by your place of work, your initial gift will be tripled!

To see if you can triple your gift, check out the employer list or contact us.